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Cowlitz County Community Report Card

Cowlitz County Health Department first published its report, Project 2020 -- The Health of Cowlitz County, in the summer of 1997. More than a year had been spent in researching health indicators and focus groups and local agencies gave their input for current and emerging health concerns. A leadership Committee called Pathways 2020 provided oversight and guidance for the project and helped establish community goals.
In the fall of 1997, the first Cowlitz County Community Report Card was issued. This report had an immediate impact on agencies and policy makers regarding the health of the community. The report card continues to evolve and serve as a road map to help the community decide how to best respond to these needs. The report card is published on a biennial basis.
Report Card Grading System
In more recent community report cards progress on specific community issues as been scored, much like a school report card. Each set of statistics has received a grade to reflect how well we are doing on specific issues. The grade is intended to indicate where progress is being made and where improvement is needed. The assignment of grades is the responsibility of the Pathways 2020 Board of Directors.
The current and previous community report cards can be found in the links provided below. To view these reports, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
2017 Community Report Card
2010 Community Report Card -- Download full PDF

2008 Community Report Card - Download full PDF

Archived Report Cards (1997 - 2006)

ReportCard2017.pdf3.4 MB