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About Pathways 2020

In 1996, a leadership team, formed as the result of a community health assessment grant, became known as Pathways 2020 with the support of Cowlitz Economic Development Council, Cowlitz County Health Department, Kaiser Permanente, and PeaceHealth. Founded in 1999, Pathways 2020 is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life in Cowlitz County through collaborative partnerships, resource mobilization, strategic planning, and program development. A board of local citizens representing education, health, social service, business and government interests guides Pathways 2020.
Pathways 2020 serves as the coordinator for the Community Health Partners, a non-profit organization that supports the Cowlitz Free Medical Clinic, and co-facilitates the Cowlitz on the Move Healthy Lifestyles Coalition through a grant from The Northwest Health Foundation and the Alliance to Promote Physical Activity and Nutrition. In addition, the Pathways 2020 executive director assists the Lower Columbia College Head Start/Early Head Start/ECEAP program with community assessments, grant writing, marketing, and volunteer training. 
A goal of Pathways 2020 is to provide and encourage a collaborative environment for community organizations of varying interests to come together for local solutions. Longview Drug Free Communities, Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition, and Cowlitz Meth Action Team are examples of successful community collaborations. Pathways 2020 discourages unnecessary competition for grant funds and supports community based projects rather than organization based.
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